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Bijoux (Pronounced bee-zhoo) was started in 2017 by Neha Singh after graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. Inspired by the French word for a delicate and small piece of jewellery, each Bijoux bonbon is exactly that – a bite-sized piece of perfection that looks almost too pretty to eat. These gourmet chocolates are handcrafted using only the best ingredients including the finest quality Belgian chocolate. Each piece is hand painted individually - ensuring that no two are identical. Larger orders can also be customised, get in touch to see how we can help!

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We like to make sure that the flavours you taste are natural and make an impact. The exotic flavours are meant to transport you to another place, each bite a little taste to remind you of what's out there. We'll keep adding new flavours from around the world so keep an eye out for what's new!